RSL Exam Information for Students and Parents.

Welcome to our new RSL Page. This is a little bit of info from us as an accredited  RSL exam centre. We hope it fills in any questions you may have regarding up an and coming music exams.

Location: We are in Batheaston Bath, at the end of the Bypass. On the exam day look out for signs saying "RSL EXAMS" these will guide you to the studio and will be clearly visible from the main road so look out for them!

Parking: The exams are spaced out in a way that means you should be able to park whilst your exams are taking place . HOWEVER space is limited to a few cars maybe 3 or 4 at any one time so please DO NOT TURN UP UNTIL 15 minutes before your scheduled time. PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON THE DRIVE OR GRASS... YOU WILL BE TOLD TO MOVE! There is plenty of on street parking around the studio site. WE ACCEPT NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR VEHICLES ON OUR SITE.

THE STUDIO: The studio has several spaces available for use. The main live recording area is where exams take place. It will have The following equipment set up. Drums, Guitar Amp (twin channel) (Bring your own pedals and patch cables) Vocal PA System , Playback System for music/ CD Player.

Practice: There is a separate space with a Drum Kit in it. There is limited space in here and if someone is already playing the drums you will have to wait. In the waiting area is a Piano/keyboard with sustainer and headphones for practice and a small guitar amp again with Headphones for practice.

ARRIVAL: PLEASE PARK SENSIBLY or you'll get moaned at by me! The studio entrance is the Black door - follow signs. I will meet you and sign you in. Then you can either wait with me in our main control room or use the small practice room (DRUMS). 

Please understand pre site visits are not possible we are a commercial studio and have other people using the building before and during exam periods.

If you are going to be late or miss your slot CALL ME on the contact number you have or RSL immediately!



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